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Welcome to Ferroli Boiler Parts

Ferroli Boiler Parts.co.uk the Uk's leading independent internet supplier of Ferroli Gas boiler spares.
Genuine Ferroli boiler spares direct to your door, nextday delivery on 95% of Ferroli spare parts available to get your Ferroli boiler repaired quickly. Ferroli boiler parts has long been established as a independent supplier of genuine Ferroli boiler spares & heating components. As such, we have built up a well-respected name, within the boiler repair and maintenance sectors, Ferroli Boiler Parts.co.uk the uk`s leading supplier of Ferroli boiler spare parts for Ferroli Boilers, where the Trade buys, fast nationwide delivery of Ferroli Spare Parts.

Ferroli Boiler Parts.co.uk the UK's leading supplier of genuine Ferroli Boiler Spares

Here at Ferroli Boiler Parts.co.uk we have a wide range of Ferroli boiler spares and heating spare parts available. Browse our large Ferroli Spares catalogue online. We stock authentic Ferroli boiler heating spares at trade prices. All our Ferroli boiler replacement parts come with a genuine manufactures warranty giving you peace of mind we will not compromise your safety with low quality and unsafe copy parts.

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Genuine Ferroli Boiler Spare Parts

Ferroli boiler parts, only supply spares that are to the safety and performance specification of your Ferroli heating appliance, giving you the confidence that you're buying GENUINE Ferroli boiler spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Ferroli Heating Boiler.
Ferroli Boiler Parts has been worked on for many years, to get the right Ferroli boiler spares to you the first time.
Getting the correct part to our clients is our utmost goal, that's why Ferroli Boiler Parts spends a lot of time ensuring a photographic image accompanies your Ferroli heating spares search.

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Genuine Ferroli Boiler Spares Direct to your doorstep nextday delivery

FerroliBoilerParts.co.uk supplier of all genuine Ferroli boiler spares for models as listed ARENA 20C, ARENA 30A, ARENA 30C, COMBI 100FF, COMBI 76FF, COMBI 77CF, COMBI POPULAR, COMBI 77FF, DOMICOMPACT F24B, DOMICOMPACT F24D, DOMICOMPACT F30B, DOMICOMPACT F30D, DOMICONDENS F24, DOMICONDENS F28, DOMINA 80E MF01, DOMINA 80E MF02, DOMINA 80E MF03, DOMINA 80N, DOMINA 80N DGT, ECONCEPT 50 A, F24B, F24E, F30E, FALCON 2, FALCON, HAWK 2, HAWK, MAXIMA 35C, MAXIMA 35S, MODENA 102, MODENA 102/1, MODENA 80/1, MODENA 80E MF01, MODENA 80E MF02, MODENA 80E MF03, OPTIMA 1000, OPTIMA 1001, OPTIMA 200, OPTIMA 2000, OPTIMA 2001, OPTIMA 201, OPTIMA 601, OPTIMA 700, OPTIMA 701, OPTIMA 800, OPTIMA 801, OPTIMA 900, OPTIMA 901, OPTIMAX 25 OV, OPTIMAX 25C, OPTIMAX 25S, OPTIMAX HE 25S, OPTIMAX HE 31C, OPTIMAX HE 31S, OPTIMAX HE 38C, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 18 OV, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 18S, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 25 OV, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 25S, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31C, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 35S, OPTIMAX HE PLUS 38C, ROMA 55 FF, SIGMA 20/40, SIGMA 30FF, SIGMA 40/60, SIGMA 40FF, SIGMA 50FF, SIGMA 60-100, SIGMA 60FF, SYS 10-23, TALENT, TEMPRA 12, TEMPRA 18, TEMPRA 24, TEMPRA 30, TEMPRA, XIGNAL, and many more of Ferroli Condensing Boilers, Ferroli Combination Boilers and Ferroli System boilers. All Ferroli Spares delivered normally within two working days. As a leading supplier of Ferroli Spares, Parts and Accessories, our Ferroli boiler spare parts are available by fast UK delivery. Ferroli Boiler Spares Direct to your door via our carrier service to any destination within the UK for just £6.95.

Ferroli Group products, giving that feeling of well-being right all around the board from household to commercial industrial sectors. At the center of the Ferroli Group manufacturing program lies both household and commercial heating. Ferroli is the major boiler producer in Italy and one of the leading suppliers in European countries thanks to its extensive and reputable production range of wall mounted boilers (from 6 to 32 kW) and free-standing boilers (from 10 to 2,000 kW.) Ferroli incorporates a policy of continuous technological innovation, furthermore, signifies we are able to with confidence put new and significant products and solutions like the condensation boiler to the Northern European marketplace. Ferroli produce a broad range of Boiler and central heating spare parts. With the prices of boiler repairs on the increase, it can make sense to buy Boiler Spares and Heating Parts from Ferroli Boiler Parts.co.uk, with shipping and delivery of Ferroli boiler spares direct to your home.

Ferroliboilerparts.co.uk supply spares for the complete Ferroli Range of Boilers.

Ferroli Domestic Boilers

Ferroli Domestic Boilers. Offering gas wall mounted units with outputs up to 50kW, Ferroli’s stylish, compact domestic boilers provide maximum comfort with minimal fuel usage. With a choice of conventional, condensing and combi technologies, there’s a boiler to match the heating and hot water requirements of every home.

Ferroli Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Ferroli commercial boilers for pressure jet oil, forced air gas or dual-fuel, are factory matched with high efficiency burners to provide outputs up to 12,350kW while meeting the strictest emissions demands.

Ferroli Renewable Energy Products.

Ferroli are meeting the demands for Renewable Energy technologies. From domestic air source heat pumps (ASHP) to both drain back and pressurised solar systems; Ferroli has the system to suit the most popular renewable energy system options..


Designed to extract the latent heat from the flue gases and transfer this heat back into the central heating and hot water circuits thereby increasing the boiler efficiency.


Constant speed fan for efficient extract of combustion products.


Gas rate adjusted automatically based on combustion monitoring through ionisation probe to maintain high combustion efficiency levels.


Hi performance built-in twin pass heat exchanger allowing for direct heating of domestic hot water.


Three speed pump with built-in automatic air vent, system drain valve (accessible from underneath the boiler) and 3 bar pressure safety relief valve.


Electronic ignition and flame detection electrode for quiet and reliable operation and monitoring of combustion.


Microprocessor electronics featuring full burner modulation, fault diagnostic display and pre-heat of domestic hot water to enable rapid delivery to the taps.


Optional extra integral digital timer allows for 7 day/week programming of central heating.

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